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There's hardly any info specific to women getting inked, until now-- this book was written to make it really easy for women.

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Tattoo Art and Design

Tattoos are sexy, fashionable, and creative. This compendium features over 480 designs by the world's leading young graphic artists for tattoos that are new, different, and edgy.Little has appeared that explores fresh designs for tattoos by contemporary graphic artists and designers. Tattoo Art & Design corrects this with designs by over 60 of today's up-and-coming designers.
Tattoo Art & Design


Tattoo "News"

Tattoos: no longer forever
Brisbane Times, Australia - Sep 23, 2007
Diamonds, cockroaches, and tattoos are forever. But wait a minute - that's no longer true of the latter. These days, a tattoo can be here today and gone ...

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Quality Tattoo Design


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Introducing... Tattoo Me Now™The Ultimate Tattoo Membership And Design Gallery!

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Tattoo Ideas

WARNING: If You're Getting A Tattoo Soon,
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Plus I'll show you how you can download a ton of sizzling tattoo ideas so you can find a kick-ass design that you'll dig for years to come...

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Tattoo Design - Your Perfect Choice

Did you know that 25% of first-time tattoo owners regret their choice of tattoo design? This percentage is staggering, and yet most people still continue to enter tattoo parlors with no clue what design they want! They blindly hope that they will discover their dream tattoo by looking through a few pages of designs... All the while their friends are whispering over their shoulders to hurry up and choose something. I've seen this scenario played out again and again all around the world.

The fact is quite simple... You need time and a lot of designs to choose from in order to select something that you will love and not get sick of after 3 days. Remember tattoos last forever, so selecting one that you absolutely LOVE will take more then 5 minutes browsing through a couple of folders in a tattoo parlor!

Finally Revealed... Thousands of The Most Sort After Tattoo Designs!